Mr S G Weston BSc (Director of Sport)
Mr L T Howell MEd Chartered Teacher
Mrs J C Lee BEd
Mrs D J McMillan BEd
Ms E McCormick BEd
Miss E Bain BEd

The school has benefited from a sound policy of developing PE facilities and now possesses good facilities, both indoor and outdoor. These facilities include on the main school campus a games hall, gymnasium, swimming pool and seven tennis courts while at the school playing fields at Dallerie there are six rugby pitches and five grass hockey pitches. In the summer these are transformed into three cricket squares and a 400 metre grass running track.

A very recent innovation in the school has been the building of a climbing wall in the games hall. There are over 16 routes designed to challenge all abilities and with the tough overhanging sections even the most skilled pupils find the wall offers a stimulating and exciting experience.

The PE department presents a programme for the entire school which permits a logical progression within the activities and the way they are taught.

The core courses are based on three broad inter-related aims:

  • to improve performance through participation in physical activities;
  • to develop knowledge and understanding of the processes and principles involved in performing;
  • to contribute to personal and social development.

Physical education is taken by every pupil from Nursery through to S6. Within the senior programme there is a very wide choice of activities available including aerobics, dance, athletics, badminton, basketball, golf, handball, indoor and outdoor hockey for boys and girls, netball, soccer, softball, squash, swimming, tennis, and volleyball.

The basic elements of the physical education programme are: gymnastics, swimming, ball games and athletics. The broader aims are to develop co-ordination, body management, fair play and sportsmanship, enjoyment through physical activity, a positive attitude to fitness and health and to promote individual skills according to a pupil's talents.

The main school team games are rugby and cricket for boys and hockey and tennis for girls. Rugby and hockey are an integral and valuable part of a child's education at Morrison's Academy. Through a full programme of competitive team fixtures from Primary 6 right through to the Senior School, pupils are able to develop social skills which make them better able to cope with both victory and adversity and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

In the summer months, Cricket is played by boys from P.6 to S.6. Tennis fixtures are played by girls in the senior school with two senior teams and one at each year group.

Other teams representing the school include athletics, boys' tennis, boys' hockey,netball, basketball and golf. The department also coordinates an extensive inter-house competition which culminates with Sports Day at Dallerie in June


In S5 & 6 pupils have the opportunity to study a Higher course at an agreed and appropriate level. The focus of the Higher PE course is to improve performance in chosen activities, by developing the ability to analyse performance. The course is assessed in two different ways:

  • A performance grade is given for each candidate's best two activities
  • Analysis and Development of Performance is graded through Unit assessment and an examination.

Pupils in S3 start on the Intermediate 2 course where the course assessment is similar to that for the Higher course.