For full details of school uniform and other recommended equipment, please download the appropriate copy of our Uniform List:

Primary Uniform
Secondary Uniform

Official Uniform Suppliers

New items of uniform are available from the School's official suppliers:

Valentines of Crieff Ltd, West High Street, Crieff
Aitken & Niven, 21-23 High Street, Perth
Schoolwear Made Easy (online)

Nearly New Shop

Items of school uniform can be bought and sold at our Nearly New shop run by parents. The opening hours are 3.00pm to 4.30pm every Wednesday during term time, and 11.00am to 1.00 pm Monday to Friday during the last week of the Summer holidays   If anyone wishes to visit the Nearly New shop out with these times they should email NNshop@morrisonsacademy.org or call Di Yates on 07803 210399 or Michelle Beck on 07450 287619

Articles accepted for sale are:

  • all items on the current school uniform list
  • sports equipment used in all school and team sports
  • equipment for school outdoor projects (including walking boots, and protective clothing, rucksacks, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme equipment)

All items should be clean and in good condition

For any queries regarding the Nearly New Shop please contact Alison Beattie.