Tuition fees for Session 2015 - 2016 have been established by the Board of Governors as follows:


Per Term

Per Annum

S1 - S6







P5 - P6



P3 - P4



P1 - P2




Morrison's Academy Nursery operates for 50 weeks per year from 08.00 until 18:00 Monday - Friday. There are a number of options available within these hours which are outlined in the table below.

Nursery places may be eligible for Early Learning and Care (ELC) grant assistance through a partnership arrangement with Perth & Kinross Council. The value of the grant varies annually and is paid directly to the Nursery. It is deducted from the fees shown below.

Qualification for ELC grant funding depends upon your child's date of birth and entry stage. Subject to eligibility, the following criteria apply as stipulated by Perth & Kinross Council:

  • Children who will be four between 1 January this year and 28 February next year are eligible for a grant funded place from August this year.
  • Children who will be three between 1 March this year and 31 August this year are eligible for a grant funded place from August this year.
  • Children who will be three between 1 September this year and 31 December this year are eligible for a grant funded place from January next year.
  • Children who will be three between 1 January next year and 28 February next year are eligible for a grant funded place from April next year.



Number of hours


Total Cost





















Early Learning & Care (ELC) grant is worth £1902 for the academic year August 2015 to June 2016.

ELC grant is available for up to 5 sessions per week in term time. Each session is three hours and twelve minutes. One session can be taken within each half day place and up to two sessions within a full day place. Each session is therefore worth £10.13 and where applicable will be deducted from the cost of a place as detailed above.


  1. There are three terms in an academic session.  The Governors expect that this fee scale shall apply throughout the Session but reserve the right to alter fees without notice should exceptional events outside their control justify such a step.
  2. Morrison's Academy tuition fees are inclusive of textbooks, stationery, external examination fees, sports and curriculum related travel, provision of lockers and, for all Secondary pupils, lifetime membership of the Morrisonian Club.
  3. Fees for individual music tuition during this session will be in the range £15.00 per weekly half-hour lesson.
  4. Where 3 or more children are enrolled co-terminously, families may apply for the following means-tested sibling discounts:                

    3rd Child at School - up to 25% discount.                                         
    4th and subsequent children - up to 50% discount.

    These discounts are applicable to all years from P1 to S6 but exclude Nursery.  Families with children who were enrolled prior to the end of session 2009-10 shall remain entitled to the full discounts, where appropriate, without the need for means-testing.
  5. Morrison's Academy Nursery operates from 08.00 until 18.00 Monday - Friday 50 weeks a year and offers a variety of options within these times.
  6. Subject to certain conditions, Nursery places are eligible for Government grant assistance through a partnership arrangement with Perth & Kinross Council. The value of the grant is paid directly to the Nursery and is deducted from the fees shown above.  The grant allocation is variable each year and will be communicated to parents when the school is informed of the amount for next year.

Payment of Fees

Fees may be invoiced and paid monthly, termly or annually, in advance, by Direct Debit, cheque or bank transfer.  Payment by monthly direct debit is subject to an £10.00 termly administration fee.

Monthly Direct Debit 

There are three terms in an academic session. This scheme permits up to 12 regular monthly payments to be made by Direct Debit from a United Kingdom bank account, commencing in July, with each payment being made, as specified in the following schedule, in advance of the educational services being provided:

Term Payment due on the first day of:


July, August, September and October

November, December, January and February


March, April, May and June

Termly Payment

Fees being paid on a termly basis will become due on the first day of each term. No administration fee is applied to termly payments.

Annual Payment

A discount of 2.5% off the standard annual fee (Nursery- S6) is currently offered for payment of the full annual fee provided payment is made by the first day of the Session.  For Nursery fees this discount shall apply to the net fee payable after deduction of the PKC grant.  No administration fee is applied to annual payments.


  1. The Board of Governors reserves the right to charge interest at up to 4% above the prevailing standard annual Bank base rate on unpaid fees.  This charge will be applied to any outstanding account after the due payment date until payment is received. 
  2. The Governors reserve the right to require any pupil whose fees are in arrears to remain out of School until due payment is made.
  3. On any occasion where bank charges or administrative costs are incurred by the School through the return of cancelled or referred cheques or where there are insufficient funds to honour a direct debit payment, an £10.00 administration charge will be applied to the fee account.

Notice of Withdrawal

Notice of intention to withdraw a pupil from the school at the end of a term must be submitted to the Rector in writing by the dates stated below:

                        Term 1              -           15 October

                        Term 2              -           15 February

                        Term 3              -           15 May

Should appropriate notice not be given, parents / guardians will remain liable for the following Term's fees.  Notice of withdrawal is not required for pupils in Form 6 who will be leaving at the end of the Session.

Nursery notice of intention to withdraw a child must be provided in writing four weeks in advance and handed into the Nursery.

School Fees Protection Scheme

Morrison's Academy participates in a tuition fee protection scheme, underwritten by Marsh.  Participation in this scheme is encouraged and the appropriate premium is added to the termly fee when fee invoices are prepared. The cover is, however, entirely optional and may be declined by marking the appropriate box on the attached parental declaration.  A leaflet explaining the nature of the cover available is enclosed.  Premiums are as follows:

Year Groups

Termly Premium

Annual Premium




S1 - S6






P5 - P6



P3 - P4



P1 - P2



Additional costs

Individual Music Tuition

The Music Department offers an enviable level of curricular and extra-curricular provision. There is a thriving instrumental tuition scheme and a busy programme of extra-curricular rehearsals and performances, with strong links to the local community.  Nearly half the school's pupils take instrumental lessons from a team of ten visiting instructors.  These optional private lessons are subject to a small additional charge which is paid directly to the tutor.  Fees are currently in the range £15.00 per weekly half-hour lesson

Co-curricular Activities

The School shares parents' ambition to bring out the best in their children and we pride ourselves in developing the whole child, pursuing not only academic excellence but also instilling a desire to develop personal interests through participation in the co-curricular life of the school.  In pursuit of this we offer a range of co-curricular clubs and societies which take advantage of the academic, sporting and cultural facilities on campus whilst the School's location in Crieff offers wide-ranging scope to enjoy the surrounding Perthshire hills and adventure training opportunities throughout Scotland. In some cases, these activities will be subject to a participation fee to cover essential costs.

Travel to School

Whilst there are good local bus services, the School also operates a variety of private contract buses and minibuses for pupils travelling into Crieff from surrounding towns and cities.  Costs vary in relation to the length of the journey and further details can be provided on request. 

Foreign Visits and Exchanges

An important element of a Morrison's education is that it is delivered with an awareness of the pupil's place in a global context.  In recent years foreign travel, which is supportive of this philosophy, has been undertaken by the Modern Languages, Music and Business Studies Departments.  The cost of these visits and exchanges is borne by those who travel.  Participation, whilst encouraged, is not compulsory.

Additionally, the Physical Education Department organises regular Hockey and Rugby tours where our best players have the opportunity to test their skills, representing the School against international opposition. Such tours are often supported, to some degree, through fundraising activities.  Annual skiing holidays to European resorts, supervised by School staff, are also offered to pupils who wish to participate with the cost of these trips, again, being funded only by those who travel.

Financial Assistance

You can find information about financial assistance with tuition fees by following the link to scholarships and bursaries.